Secrets of the Rainbow Pond


Originally written for 8-12 year olds and set in the UK, "Secrets of the Rainbow Pond" is being re-written for the Young Adult market, and set in the US. This is a collaborative effort with my talented husband, Scotty Meade.  


It's turning into something special...

The Island

I live on an island. A pretty small, tropical island. It’s 108 square miles with a permanent population of 85,000, which swells in high season with increased air and cruise ship arrivals.


I’ll never forget my first sighting from the plane window as we circled for a landing. After eight hours of nothing but ocean, the island looked like a patch of green floating in a turquoise sea. 

Song of the Christmas Butterflies


A bitter-sweet tale that shows a wonderful precision in language and structure. Powerfully evocative yet beautifully restrained, it limns a faeryscape of disquieting ambivalence that leaves the reader both moved and enchanted. 

- John Yeoman, Writers' Village


I think that your writing style is beautiful.

- Adriana Dominguez, Full Circle Literary


Your story is very poignant and moving

- Anne Marie Ryan, Darley Anderson Literary


I loved your short story – really touching and well written.

- Susan Mears, Literary Agent



I really think you're a talented writer and will be published many times over. 

- Jenine Boisits, Editor/Publisher, Beginnings Publishing Inc



Father's Day 1963


Your story was very touching and I really liked the quiet tone of it.

- Elizabeth, Co-Founder, Sixpenny Magazine 

© 2016 by Shuna Meade

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